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Pete Halls - Plantscape
Mat Davison - Plantscape

Pete Halls - Operations Director

Pete joined Plantscape in 2017 as the Operations Director. His day to day responsibilities include organising operational aspects of the business, such as negotiating supplies and producing financial reports. Pete has many years’ experience in operations which have helped him in developing and maintaining connections with Plantscape’s customers and suppliers. Pete’s favourite part of his job is managing and developing relationships, both internally and externally.

Pete’s favourite flowers are Magnolia in the Spring and Angels Trumpet or Wisteria in the Summer.

Mat Davison - Operations Manager

Mat joined the Platscape team in 2015 as an Operations Manager. He is responsible for planning routes for our drivers as well as ensuring health and safety on site and when visiting customers. Mat also manages plant ups and programming of our solar powered Christmas trees. With his previous studies in Garden Design and Practical Horticulture, Mat is an asset to the Plantscape team and supports in providing the best services possible. As a true bee activist, Mat enjoys spreading his pollinator knowledge to Plantscape’s customers and encouraging the use of pollinator friendly plants.

Mat’s favourite outdoor plant is Echinops, as it has a beautiful blue colour and bees love it!

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Tim Troman - Sales Executive

Tim joined the Plantscape team in 2020 as a Sales Executive for the North and export customers. He takes care of any new projects whilst liaising with customers to check on their needs. With over 35 years of experience in street furniture development, Tim has been a huge asset to the development team, where he has helped create new planter options for customers. Tim enjoys meeting new customers and being challenged by their specific needs which usually requires him to create bespoke planter solutions.

Tim’s favourite plant is Salvia, as he loves the vibrancy of the plant and its pollinator benefits to the bee population.

Alan McGregor-Sales Executive

Alan joined Plantscape in 2015 as a Sale Executive for the Midlands, Wales and the South of the UK. In his day to day tasks, Alan takes care of customer enquiries and provides quotations for new and existing customers who require our rented and planted planters. With his previous experience as a Production Manager, Alan supports Plantscape with the overseas export enquiries. Alan’s favourite part of the job is communicating with customers, helping them bring a splash of colour to their town or village.

Alan’s favourite flower is Begonia, as it grows in a variety of colours.

Emily Fearn Plantscape meet the team
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Emily Fearn - Contract Administrator

Emily joined Plantscape in 2011 as a Contract Administrator, making her the longest serving member of the team! As part of her role, Emily takes care of processing customer orders and invoicing, while planning and scheduling deliveries for our customers. With her qualifications in social care, Emily is being able to use her communication skills effectively when answering all of your enquiries. The main focus of Emily’s role is making sure everything runs smoothly and your displays arrive on time!

Emily’s favourite flower is Hydrangea, as it blooms in a variety of colours.

Oscar Sorabjee - National Services Director

Oscar joined idverde in 2011, and has since become the National Services Director. As part of his role, Oscar oversees 4 businesses within the group, including Plantscape. With a degree in Business and a National Diploma in Horticulture, Oscar has been a great addition to the Plantscape team; providing insightful support and solutions to various areas of the business. The highlight of Oscar’s role is seeing the Summer planters transforming locations for Plantscape’s customers and seeing the bespoke and plant-your-own displays coming to life.

Oscar’s favourite flowers are Roses, which reminds him of his childhood, as he grew up on a rose farm!

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Richard Heath - Operative

Richard joined Plantscape in 2018 as an Operative. As part of his role, Richard attends sites across the UK to install, maintain  and uninstall their floral displays and planters. With previous experience as a driver, Richard is no stranger to long journeys and enjoyed travelling to sites to help their displays blosson. The most important aspect of Richard’s role is ensuring that the customer is fully satisfied with the service Plantscape has provided.

Richard’s favourite flower is Begonia, as it gives a pop of colour with its bright petals.

Fran Archer - Operative

Fran joined the Plantscape team in 2018 and has been taking care of the plants and flowers growing in our nursery ever since. Fran is responsible for planting and watering the displays before they are sent out to the customers. Her background in farming and love of nature has meant taking care of the plants and flowers is not just a job, it is a passion. She loves seeing the photos of her displays being showcased around the UK.

Fran’s favourite flower is Fuchsia, as it attracts bees and is pollinator-friendly.

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