Wooden Planters

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Plantscape’s wooden planters combine wood and high quality craftmanship to create a stylish looking product which give your floral displays a more natural look. 

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Wooden Planters

Combining high quality craftsmanship and traditional materialsour wooden planters give a sophisticated look to any street or public place. Our high manufacturing standards means the planters have maximum strength and durability and allow the a perfect high street floral display to be created. Before being stained and painted in your choice of colour, our wooden planters are carefully sanded and prepared, an internal waterproof membrane comes as standard. With a choice of three standard sizes and four finishes, we also offer a bespoke service, making them ideal for corporate promotions and sponsorship advertising. 

Accoya planters

Accoya® planters wood without compromise! Accoya® wood is an extensively researched and proven new wood species with ultra high performance properties that match or exceed the very best tropical hardwoods but is grown in just 25 years. Accoya® wood can be used with absolute confidence in external applications. Where quality, durability, dimensional stability and reliability matter, Accoya® wood is the natural choice. Superior quality and kind to the environment these planters are made from sustainably sourced wood. Accoya® wood is non-toxic and because of it’s stability is exceptionally easy to maintain. It’s resistance to the effects of UV exposure means that not only is the natural appearance of the wood retained for longer but the lifespan of paints and varnishes can be increased by up to four times, saving both environmental and financial costs. 

Bespoke Wooden Planters

Plantscape offers a range of bespoke wooden planters, combining wood and quality craftsmanship to create a floral display that fits all of your needs while proving you with an endless choice of creative layouts.


Interlocking Planters

Our versatile interlocking planters allow for endless configurations, solving traffic management issues and helping to create low traffic neighbourhoods. Find out more about our interlocking planters here.

Pavement Planters

Our Pavement planter is designed to provide an attractive barrier to create a dedicated space or brighten up a pavement outside a business and still leave room for pedestrians to pass. Find out more about our pavement planters here.

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Our Parklets are fully customisable in their design and layout, creating a bespoke product that can meet any specification, with additional options available such as seating areas, bike racks, recycling bins and wheelchair accessible seating areas. Find out more about our brand new Parklets here.

Wooden Bedding Planters

Our raised bed planters are created by combining our interlocking bed planters with a wooden exterior to create a raised floral display. With our additional planter screens, the planter can be used to create boundaries and isolate quiet areas.

Benefits of Plantscape’s floor standing planters:

  • High quality craftsmanship and traditional materials
  • Accoya® planters are made with ultra high performance wood
  • Bespoke planters available
  • Available to purchase in a variety of sizes and finishes