Wooden Parklets

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Plantscape’s Wooden Parklets are a brand new product for 2022!

They combine craftmanship and practicality to create a perfect floral hub for public areas to boost community feel, create a central meeting point and improve the aesthetics of an area.

The Plantscape Parklet can be fully customised in design and layout to create a bespoke product to meet the specification needs for your site and can even have a combination of seating, wheelchair accessible spaces, recycling and waste storage and bike rack options for those who cycle to shops, businesses and the local area.

Plantscape’s wooden Parklet
Plantscape’s wooden Parklet

The Parklets have an integral water reservoir which means the plants can be watered once every 7 days; saving time, reducing the amount of water used and having a positive impact on the environment.

Parklets provide a range of benefits including reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, increasing footfall and improving air quality.


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See example Parklet configurations below, the product is fully customisable to work in any space and meet specific site needs:

Parklet Config-01

Benefits of Plantscape's Wooden Parklet

  • Galvanised steel connecting pillars
  • Integral 7-day watering recyclable planters
  • Integrated recycling and waste storage
  • Fully customisable design and layout
  • Interchangeable seat and bike rack configuration
  • Can be made accessible for wheelchair users
  • Available in stained colour of choice