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Plantscape product packed ready for shipping
Plantscape in Azerbaijan

Plantscape lands an exciting new contract in Azerbaijan.

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Gardening for bumblebees

Plantscape, with support from idverde and their charity partner Bumblebee Conservation Trust, has put together a guide on how to create a more bee-friendly outdoor space.

How to Make Your Local Area Jubilee Ready

Our team has looked at how we can help you create the perfect Jubilee displays and have put together some tips and tricks to create amazing patriotic displays using our empty planters.

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Plantscape's Hanging Basket Vs. A Wire Hanging Basket

We have put our best selling self-watering hanging baskets to the test and compared the results with a traditional wire hanging basket.

Grow Your Own With Our Educational Vegee-Planters

You are never too young to become a green fingered genius, the joy of growing your own fruit and vegetables is something that is magical no matter what your age.

Plantscape’s Top Tips for the Perfect Planters!

Plantscape offer a wide range of planters in empty units that are available to be purchased outright. From floor standing planters, perfect for brightening up an area to fantastic self-watering hanging baskets, which are a great way to introduce a touch of colour to restrictive spaces

World Soil Day

World Soil Day, held annually on the 5th of December, focuses on the importance of healthy soil and soil sustainability management.

With this important day in mind, idverde has put together some helpful information to help you take care of your soil.

Benefits of Plantscape’s Self Watering Planters

Plantscape has been offering its self-watering planter range, with its revolutionary 7 day watering system to its customers for several years. The system creates a unique, eco-friendly planter option which is popular with councils, leisure facilities, healthcare settings, businesses and export customers alike.

Buzz about York
Buzz about York

Since the creation of Plantscape's new pollinator friendly range, we have noticed an increase in the awareness of protecting our pollinators and importance of the product we are providing.

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Plantscape’s Guide to Pollinators

There are many different ways we can spread awareness and support our bees. It is as simple as including pollinator-friendly plants and flowers in our gardens. Bees must have access to the nectar in the plants to allow them to spread the plant pollen.

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