Planter Surrounds

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Our branded planter surrounds make a great addition to our floor standing planter floral displays, allowing you to display messages to visitors, residents and buyers.

plantscape dibond planter surrounds
Plantscape vinyl planter surround

Dibond surrounds

Our dibond planter surrounds consist of two thin sheets of aluminium enclosing a polyethylene core and can be designed with your brand in mind!

Vinyl surrounds

Our vinyl planter surrounds can be customised with designs to suit you and provide a great solution to messaging and brand recognition.


Housebuilder planter surrounds can be branded in line with your brand and are fully customisable to promote any offers or key messages you may have for potential buyers, whilst enhancing the curb appeal of your show homes.

Typically used outside show home areas and on remaining plots, these planter surrounds can provide a visually appealing alternative to typical marketing offerings.

Festive surrounds

Our Christmas surround planters, with real Christmas trees, are proving popular with big cities and smaller villages!

The customisable surrounds will not only allow you to display messages to visitors, they will also allow you to add decoration to your streets at the same time, making the area instantly more festive and appealing.

Benefits of Plantscape’s bespoke planter surrounds:

  • Customisable displays on the streets can provide information for visitors & boost kerb appeal in the local area
  • Messaging is fully customisable, from brand logos and QR codes to more detailed designs and images
  • High quality graphics provide clear messaging to customers, visitors and clients
  • The sustainable 7-day watering system means the planters are low maintenance

If you have any further questions about the surrounds or would like to design surrounds for your business or local area, get in touch with the team here.