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Planters to decorate your urban spaces

At Plantscape we know that having high quality planters for your displays is important, that is why we offer a range of planters that contain our 7 day watering system and can be recycled to reduce your environmental impact.

With the help of our efficient production team, we can create advise and arrange planters to meet your needs and bring your public spaces to life.

Find out more about our planters below.

hanging basket planters
lamp post planters

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are the perfect elevated planter to bring colour to an area with a restricted amount of floor space. Using our integrated 7-day watering system, Plantscape’s hanging baskets can save you money and time, whilst reducing environmental impact. Find out more about our hanging baskets here.

Lamp Post Planters

Utilise your space as much as possible by using Plantscape’s elevated planter range. The innovative lamp post planters are easy to install and cause any damage to the lamp posts. They help bring nature to any busy street and help boost biodiversity in the local area. Find out more about our lamp post range here.

educational planters
wooden planters

Educational Planters

Our range of Vegee-Table planters are a great way to get children involved in growing and caring for plants. The educational planter kit includes the various tools and seeds needed to allow them to grow a rage of fruit and vegetables. Find out more about Plantscape’s educational planters here.

Wooden Planters

Our range of wooden planters includes a variety of wooden planter solutions to fit your needs. The range includes bespoke wooden products as well as more standard wooden planter designs, our planters can bring in a natural and modern look to your area. Find out more about our wooden planters here.

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