23 January 2022

Plantscape’s Top Tips for the Perfect Planters!

Plantscape offer a wide range of planters in empty units that are available to be purchased outright. From floor standing planters, perfect for brightening up an area to fantastic self-watering hanging baskets, which are a great way to introduce a touch of colour to restrictive spaces. Our empty planters give you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create breath-taking and unique floral displays.

There are a wide variety of plants you can use in Plantscape’s empty planters to create a visually appealing display with an array of colours, textures and even smells!

  • We recommend using brightly coloured flowers such as Begonias, Petunias and Geraniums, which come in a range of colours when creating your displays.
  • Introduce volume using trailing plants like Ivy or Calibrachoa, which hang down and add the finishing touches to a planter or hanging basket.
  • Create height and levels in your planting by using a variety of plants in different heights to make your display even more eye-catching!
  • Don’t limit yourself to flowering plants, go for something a bit more unusual and use herbs in your displays, they can be used to create a mini community garden. Herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Sage are recommended and create a lovely aroma!

How to plant your planter

  • When planning out what will feature in your planter, an excellent way to start creating the display is by having a focal plant in the middle of the planter and working your way towards the edges.
  • With tiered planters, start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Use our recommended trailing plants to cover the planter’s sides to create a more well-rounded display.
  • When considering the colour theme of your planter, consider flowers and plants that contrast in colour and complement each other.
  • Placing your planter in the right location is very important; consider an area that can benefit from a pop of colour the most and can be seen from all angles.

Some helpful tips to keeping your planters blooming:

  • Pick the right location for the planters, ensuring that it is easily accessible for watering and has sunlight.
  • Using plant food can keep the plants in good condition for longer.
  • Ensure the planter is watered regularly, (which is definitely easier with our 7 day watering system!)
  • Maintain and remove drying or dead blooms from your planter.
  • And remember, the larger the planter, the bigger the impact can be if it’s planted well!

Our empty planters can be a great way to get local communities involved whilst getting their hands dirty and improving their local area. Plantscape has seen many displays created by customers who have purchased empty planters:

One of these customers was Higham Parish Council in Kent, who used Plantscape’s self-watering empty planters to create a celebratory display in their town to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles Dickens. They made their custom display using our Holestar Lamp Post Planters filled with red geraniums, Dickens’s favourite flower! Find out more here.

Another fantastic result came from Didsbury, who created a community herb display using our floor standing planters. The Didsbury inBloom group reached out to us to find a way to resolve their parking issues. As a result, Didsbury ended up with herb-filled Pathway Planter solution, which are used by the locals to add the finishing touches to their meals. Find out more here.


All of Plantscape’s empty planters come complete with our 7-day self-watering system, saving you time and money while positively impacting the planet by reducing water consumption.  Our empty planters are available to purchase in our online shop here.

To enquire about prices and for more advice on planting our empty planters, please contact our team here.