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Commonly known as the “Rural Capital of Food”, Melton Mowbray is perhaps best recognised for its culinary specialties, being the home of the tasty pork pie and one of the homes of Stilton cheese. But to Plantscape it is all about Burton Bridge.

A long-standing partnership with Melton Mowbray in Bloom has prepared us to be ready for anything, so when a detailed concept of a fire and ice planter scheme emerged for Burton Bridge, we knew exactly how to tackle it. Burton Bridge itself is a historical focal point of this small town passed by hundreds of cars and pedestrians on a daily basis. So we knew we had to make an impact.

Plantscape supplied Melton Mowbray in Bloom with 60 Holestar half units planted to their exact specification. We were provided with a list of specific plants to be used and a detailed diagram of where each individual plant should sit. Reds, oranges, and yellow plants were used to convey the image of fire and white, purple and blue plants to convey the image of ice.

Holestar half units were utilised as they are perfect for wall, column and post mounting due to their ability to lock into Plantscape’s patented bracket, developed to ensure the planter is securely fitted into position.

The beauty of this product lies in the easy-to-use insert liners, which allow planting them in winter or summer. The plants can be grown in our nursery becoming established before being placed in their required location. This can be easily changed over to a winter planting scheme, therefore, allowing those who use Burton Bridge a blooming beautiful sight all year through!