Bedding Planters

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Our modular interlocking bedding planters and grow bag containers, not only give you an endless choice of creative layouts but also makes the installation process, quicker, simpler and more effective. 

Grow Bag Bedding Container
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Bedding Planters 

The revolutionary lightweight bedding planters can be prepared at our nursery in advance, allowing plants to become established, and then can be transported in manageable sections to your location. This style of planter is the perfect solution to creating seasonal floral displays. Our bedding planters are also available to buy empty or rent fully planted. 

View our bedding planter specification here.

Grow Bag Containers

Plantscape’s versatile Grow Bag Containers are perfect for placement on balconies, windows and bus shelters, offering easy planting in summer or winter. Available in two standard sizes and a wide range of colours, they incorporate a built-in water reservoir system which means they can go for days between watering – low maintenance and thoroughly eye-catching solution! 

View our grow bag container specification here.

Benefits of Plantscape’s bedding planters:

  • Lightweight design allows for easy lifting, repositioning and transportation and wastage.
  • An innovative interlocking system allows for a wide range of creative layouts
  • Low maintenance design allows for more sporadic watering
  • Off-site preparation available