Pedal Park Planter

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Plantscape’s pedal park planter is a stylish, practical and secure way to park bicycles while a splash of colour to any civic surrounding. A revolutionary solution to encourage people on bikes to come to the area and feel safe that there will be a place they can secure their bicycle. Having a neat bicycle parking space keeps your streets tidy whilst creating an eye-catching floral display. 

Our pedal park planters include integral security staples which protect the planter and parked bicycles from theft and vandalism. A built-in reservoir means our planter supports our 7 day watering system, saving water and time. Our pedal parks are also available to buy empty or rent fully planted. 

bicycle park planter

Benefits of Plantscape’s pedal park:

  • Practical and secure
  • 5-year guarantee included
  • Additional cycle rack attachments available
  • 7 day watering system – eco-friendly and cost-saving
  • Available in a variety of colours