Interlocking Planters

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Plantscape’s interlocking planters can be used for many different spaces. The planters are versatile and provide an alternative barrier solution to manage traffic, create low traffic neighbourhoods or isolate areas whilst brightening up the location. They can also be used to create Parklets with seating for businesses or as temporary pop-up areas on the high street.

The planters have an integral water reservoir which means the plants can be watered once every 7 days; saving time, reducing the amount of water used and having a positive impact on the environment.

Plantscape’s planters are available ready planted with our award-winning displays, or they can be bought empty to allow for community-friendly planting projects.

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Plantscape interlocking planter

Benefits of Plantscape’s interlocking planters:

  • Secure but can be moved should the need change
  • Planters can be clad in wood, metal or recycled plastic timber
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used for traffic management
  • Customisable size options available
  • Available as a seating option