Floor Standing Planters

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Our floor standing planters are great for making an impact in public spaces and are available in square, circular and octagonal base options. The floor standing planters have our unique 7-day watering system and can also be turned into Flower Towers to create tiered displays for even more impact. 

Plantscape’s planters are available ready planted with our award-winning displays, which are perfect for civic displays, or they can be bought empty to allow for community-friendly planting projects. 

Our range of pathway planters is perfect for creating focal features in public areas or acting as safety barriers in pedestrian zones. 

floor standing planters
flower tower

Benefits of Plantscape’s floor standing planters:

  • Low maintenance 7-day watering system
  • Easy access for watering and feeding
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Easily moveable around locations
  • Tough recyclable polyethylene makes them extremely durable, long-lasting and resistant to UV light
  • Perfect for creating attractive displays in public spaces and shopping centres
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