Railing Planters

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Plantscape’s range of railing planters offer the perfect solution to brighten up traffic barriers, railings, window sills, walls, and bus shelters. The railing planters have our unique 7-day watering system which means they are easy to maintain and have less environmental impact. The barrier baskets and window boxes are available with our pollinator-friendly range, herb range, and winter and summer floral mixes. 

Plantscape bee friendly range
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Barrier Baskets

Plantscape’s eye-catching Barrier Baskets are the perfect solution to brighten your streets and highways. The 7-day watering system ensures that the planters can be filled up quickly to minimise any disruption. 

Window Boxes

Plantscape’s planted window boxes are low maintenance and are an extremely versatile way to bring nature to your high street or business. They can be fitted beneath your window sills, or fixed securely to walls, railings, and village welcome signs to create a great first impression. 

Benefits of Plantscape’s railing planters:

  • Low maintenance 7-day watering system
  • Can be used with all plant ranges
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Easy access for watering and feeding
  • Tough recyclable polyethylene makes them extremely durable, long-lasting and resistant to UV light
  • Perfect for creating attractive displays in public spaces and shopping centres