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Plantscape’s Window Boxes!

Low maintenance and extremely versatile, our Window Boxes are not only ideal for fitting beneath your window sills but they can also be securely fitted to walls, railings and signs using our brackets to add a vibrant colour.

Available in four standard sizes and a variety of colours to suit your surroundings, these can also be supplied with a Box Clever in brushed stainless steel or powder-coated finishes to hide your polyethylene planters.

All year round planting
Using our insert liners with your Window Boxes means easy planting in Winter or Summer. Utilising our liners, your plants can be grown in our nursery, allowing them to become fully established before adding them to your window box, to give an immediate change of scenery

Benefits of our Window Boxes:

  • Available in a variety of colours to meet your needs
  • Fixes to window sills, walls & railings
  • 7-day watering system to reduce the need for watering
  • Insert liners allow all year round planting

Product Specification: 

Window Boxes

Please Note: All measurements and capacities are approximate