Basket Tree

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Make the most out of small spaces with our tree style basket trees which are the perfect way to introduce a floral display into your local area. Galvanised and powder coated metal creates a steady base that can be fixed to the ground using a variety of fixings to suit your needs. Plantscape’s long life, money-saving Basket Trees won’t rust or deteriorate, providing you with a product that will be admired for many years to come. 

basket tree
basket tree

Our basket trees are available in various sizes, forms and can be powder coated to a colour of your choice, making them fit the surroundings. Using our 7 day watering system, these hanging baskets can create an easy space savings solution for civic floral displays. 

Benefits of Plantscape’s basket tree:

  • Low maintenance 7 day watering system 
  • Available in a customisable range of colours and sizes
  • Easy access for watering and feeding 
  • Tough, weather-resistant galvanised metal makes them highly durable and long-lasting 
  • Perfect for creating attractive large displays in public spaces and shopping centres