Lamp Post planters

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At Plantscape we offer a range of elevated platers solutions, allowing you to utilise your space as much as possible. Our floral displays enhance the local area by bringing a splash of colour and inviting wildlife to urban areas. Our range includes a revolutionary alternative to popular hanging baskets, Plantscape’s hanging Holestar planter adds beauty to any lamp post or sign without the need for chains. 

lamp post planters
lamp post planters

A selection of our projects

Broxbourne Borough Council
Broxbourne Borough Council
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Beeston BID - Hanging Baskets
Beeston BID
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Pole Mounted Planters

Our pole mounted planters are an easy way to brighten up any pole top and reduce the space used for floral displays. They use our 7 day watering system, making them cost-saving and eco-friendly. Find more information on our Pole Mounted Planter range here. 

Holestar Planters

Holestar planters are our innovative, easy to install, lamp post floral display planter. The Holestar is a safer alternative to the standard hanging basket display. Utilising our 7 day watering system, resulting in lower maintenance, making them a perfect solution for busy high streets.

Lamp Post Inspections

Plantscape’s detailed lighting column inspection is a general requirement before any floral display is installed. On top of a simple visual check, our colleagues use a professional multi-wave ultrasonic device to test the lamp post at sixteen critical points. This allows us to identify any cracks, rust, loose parts and flaking paint, supporting you with a full report to provide any indications of any unsafe conditions. To enquire about this service contact the team here. 

Benefits of Plantscape’s lamp post planters:

  • Low maintenance 7 day watering system 
  • Available in a range of colours and sizes
  • Easy access for watering and feeding
  • Tough, recyclable polyethylene makes them highly durable, long-lasting and resistant to UV light
  • Perfect for creating attractive displays in public spaces and shopping centres