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Pole-Mounted Basket

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Plantscape Brochure

Brighten up your pole tops with the Plantscape Pole-Mounted Basket!

Plantscape’s Pole-Mounted Baskets securely fit onto the top of all standard columns and posts, perfectly complementing your hanging baskets, adding colour to your pole-tops.

Available in two standard sizes and in a variety of colours to match your colour scheme or surroundings, our Pole-Mounted Baskets incorporate our special low maintenance feature, which means they can last for days without watering, providing fuss-free floral displays.

Benefits of our Pole-Mounted Baskets:

  • Available in a variety of colours to meet your needs
  • Easy accessible holes for watering & feeding
  • Fits onto all standard columns and posts
  • Two standard sizes 460mm and 590mm for column top mounting

Product Specification: 

Pole-mounted Basket

Please Note: All measurements and capacities are approximate