Didsbury’s herb planters are tackling parking problems

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Didsbury in Bloom | 2020 - 2020 |

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Gold award winning, in Bloom participants Didsbury, knew how to incorporate a green fingered edge to their streets in order to tackle their parking problems in residential areas. The Didsbury in Bloom group reached out to Plantscape to provide them with pathway planters with a difference!

They used the Plantscape Herb Planter, which had already proved very popular with residential community gardening schemes as well as with council and in Bloom funded displays.

The herb planters have proved a popular addition to Cranmer Road, where they have helped resolve the parking issues as well as providing a great local resource for the residents.

‘I was speaking to a lady using the planters the other day, she was snipping off some Rosemary for her Sunday dinner! It’s great to see the residents using the displays in this way, there is a great community feel surrounding them,’ said local community volunteer, Jayne Crawshaw.

The new range not only looks unique but also brings a different dimension to the floral offerings in town centres and residential areas.

‘The planters are an asset to the road and we have added in a few Winter Pansies and some Polyanthus to customise the planters and add a bit of colour. The residents are very happy with how the displays have turned out and we are grateful to have them stop cars parking on the footpaths. We are going to suggest getting the planters for other streets as they look lovely and add a little finishing touch to the local area.’

To find out more about our herb range or to find out how Plantscape’s pathway planters can help tackle parking problems, get in touch with the team today: info@plantscapeuk.com