Pollinator Friendly Range

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Plantscape’s range of plant-up options now includes a pollinator friendly range. This range has proved popular with our clients in urban areas who want to boost biodiversity, as well as the housebuilder sector and for council-funded displays. The unique range brings a different dimension to floral offerings in town centres. 


What nectar-rich plants can you expect to see?

The pollinator friendly range can be planted up with different bulbs to add a pop of colour to the displays, which focus on bringing more pollinators, insects and wildlife to the local area. Pollinating insects include many different species of bees and other insects such as hoverflies, beetles, butterflies, and moths. The range includes plants like Bidens, Salvia Mystic Spires, Chaenostoma Bacopa and Lavender Bandera. 

What makes our the bee-friendly range so special?

Plantscape’s bee-friendly range of planters includes nectar and pollen-rich plants which promote bee welfare by adding a variety of beneficial food sources. The range is available in the following products: 

Window boxes Barrier baskets  Single tier floor standing planters 


Benefits of Plantscape’s pollinator friendly range:

  • The planters will help to boost biodiversity in the local area
  • The bee population will benefit from pollinator friendly plants, especially in urban areas
  • Boosts air quality in the area
  • Provides food and habitat for wildlife
  • Can increase the number of pollinators, invertebrates and birds to an area