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Sustainability Focused

At Plantscape, we recognise the importance of the environment and the role our organisation plays in helping to protect the environment for future generations. All of our products are recyclable, our all-black planters are made from recycled granules and we offer a bee-friendly range that includes nectar and pollen-rich plants.

Most of the people who choose to work for Plantscape have a natural interest in wildlife and green spaces, leading to a cultural bias towards making our communities stronger while helping improve your outdoor spaces and support wildlife conservation. With this key interest already within our people, we can see everyday examples of our colleagues working in ways to make our services and practices more sustainable.


As part of idverde, a company with over 4,000 UK colleagues delivering services to hundreds of thousands of stakeholders in different ways, we recognise that we have the potential to affect people both positively and negatively.

Our people commitments are:

  • Develop employee skills and well-being to create a great workplace
  • Create partnerships with local communities
  • Establish connections between Plantscape, local colleagues and local communities
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Environmental impacts vary in size and spread. Our carbon emissions for example have no geographic boundaries.

Our planet commitments are:

  • Improve our carbon footprint; which will be delivered through our roadmap to carbon neutrality and net-zero
  • Help protect and restore biodiversity.
  • Use recyclable products to reduce our environmental impact.