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Fuss-Free Floral Displays.

Climbing the ladder to fix baskets to lamp-posts used to be a risky mission, but no longer thanks to Plantscape’s innovative Holestar Planter. We’ve swept aside the scary routine of perching on that top rung of the ladder, trying to juggle two baskets, holding them together whilst trying to fasten them to the lamp-post.

Without the need for ladders, our Holestar Planter can simply be loaded onto our patented “Easylift” system and then with minimum effort lifted and slotted onto our custom made bracket. Secure and locked in place without the need for fastening ties, each basket is held independently.

Holestar Planters are available in three standard sizes and a variety of different colours to suit your surroundings, making them the easiest and safest way to add colour to your columns and posts. Single Holestar Planters can also be mounted to walls using our patented bracket system, which come at no extra cost.

All year round planting
Using insert liners with the Lamp-Post Baskets means easy planting in Winter or Summer. Utilising our liners, your plants can be grown in our nursery, allowing them to become fully established before adding them to your Lamp-Post Baskets to give an immediate change of scenery.

Benefits of our Holestar Baskets:

  • Available in a variety of colours to meet your needs
  • Easy accessible holes for watering & feeding
  • Suitable for column, post and wall mounting
  • Ladder and chain free installation
  • Three standard sizes 560mm 670mm & 760mm
  • Baskets can be installed from ground level with our patented ‘Easylift’ system

Product Specification: 

Holestar Basket

Please Note: All measurements and capacities are approximate