24 January 2022

Grow Your Own With Our Educational Vegee-Planters

You are never too young to become a green fingered genius, the joy of growing your own fruit and vegetables is something that is magical no matter what your age.

The aim of Plantscape’s Vegee-Planters is to bring education back to its’ roots and encourage learning through ‘growing your own’. The range which is designed specifically for educational settings and community projects allows you to grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, in even the smallest of spaces, whilst bringing plant life to your school playground, community centre or residential area.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the vegetables you might want to grow this year. There are many benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables for children and community groups. Gardening is great for sensory development and engaging a variety of senses and helping children to develop and recognise them. It also encourages healthy eating, develops social skills, and teaches responsibility and patience whilst waiting for the plants to grow.

What to plant in the Vegee-Planters?

January & February

Broad bean
Broad bean


March & April


Benefits of using the Plantscape Vegee-Table planter kits:

  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Tough Polyethylene creates a hard-wearing product
  • At 700mm x 500mm high, children can reach across the entire planter

Plantscape’s range of Vegee-Planters come in a range of bright colours, including: red, blue, green and yellow, which make the planting even more fun!

Find out more about Plantscape’s Vegee-Table Planters here.