23 September 2021

Benefits of Plantscape’s Self Watering Planters

Plantscape has been offering its self-watering planter range, with its revolutionary 7 day watering system to its customers for several years. The system creates a unique, eco-friendly planter option which is popular with councils, leisure facilities, healthcare settings, businesses and export customers alike.

The Range

The 7 day planter watering system is included throughout our range, including hanging baskets, lamp post planters, barrier baskets, window boxes and floor standing planters, with the most popular options being:

Self-Watering Planters & Hanging Baskets

Our self-watering hanging basket range is the best solution for adding floral displays in small areas that have little floor space. Plantscape’s hanging baskets have been providing a splash of colour throughout the year to various high streets and businesses across the UK, whilst using our self watering 7 day system. The water reservoir has supported in the maintenance of floral displays, especially during the hotter months and has also reduced the costs for clients by minimising the watering time and water waste.

Plantscape Self Watering Planter

Bespoke Self Watering Planters

Our range of bespoke planters include products such as Welcome Signs, Interlocking Planters, Planter Seats and Pavement Planters and all use our 7 day self-watering system. This allows you to create unique designs using our products whilst utilising the practicality of an integral water reservoir. This means the plants can be watered once every 7 days; saving time, reducing the amount of water used, and positively impacting the environment.

Benefits of Plantscape’s Self Watering Range

The self-watering planter range provides our customers with an array of benefits. Our unique system is available in our ready planted range and with the empty planters sold in our online store. The self-watering system is perfect for supporting your floral displays for longer, giving you a range of unmissable benefits:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Reducing time and budget
  • Lowering required maintenance
  • Minimising water wastage
  • Decreasing road travel associated with watering by up to 50%

Contact our team if you have any more questions about our ranges and the self watering 7 day system and maintenance options.