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Lamp Post Christmas Tree

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Light up your streets at Christmas!

Everyone loves seasonal illuminations, they provide pleasure and cheer up any location. The Plantscape solar-powered Christmas Tree with lights offers just that, but with none of the hassle.

Our completely self-sufficient trees all come with their own battery pack which charges throughout the day and illuminates your streets at night. Available on a rental-only basis, our costs include delivery, placement, a full backup service available 7 days a week, and removal at the end of the season.

Weighing no more than your summer floral displays they fit onto our standard Holestar Bracket, which means that no drilling of Lamp-Post or buildings is necessary, and because the lights are solar-powered it means not only no increase in your electrical bills but also no wiring or electrical certification is needed!

Benefits of our Lamp Post Christmas Trees:

  • Fit onto our standard Holestar brackets – no drilling required!
  • Weight is the same as standard hanging basket
  • All component parts made from re-cycled materials
  • Solar Powered - comes complete with battery pack
  • Sustainable Christmas Solution
  • Available on a rental-only basis

Product Specification: 

Lamp Post Christmas Tree

Please Note: All measurements and capacities are approximate