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As summer displays hit the streets, Plantscape launches new autumn and winter ranges

Plantscape is expanding its autumn and winter planter ranges this year to offer an even greater opportunity for towns to wow shoppers as they return to the high street.

The coming season sees two new ventures – a choice of early autumn and late winter displays, with appropriate plants, and new aromatic herb and evergreen options.

And it is expecting those towns which chose not to opt for summer displays this year because of the Covid crisis to be even more enthusiastic about making up for lost flower time!

For the first time, towns will be offered a choice of installation immediately after the end of the summer season or in the new year – or both if they prefer – and three distinct types of display for each of the options.

As well as supplying magnificent floral offerings filled with bulbs and favourites such as polyanthus and pansies, customers can opt to have herbs or evergreens with the best plants available, for added texture and scent.

The autumn variants will be installed in late September or early October. Those towns which have summer displays will benefit from a seamless transition as the Plantscape crew will remove the summer blooms and replace them with dazzling new autumn treats at the same time.

The floral version will contain delights such as pansies, ivy and a central shrub – euonymus for example.. The herbal: variant will use plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage and japonica, while the evergreen planters will be filled with ivy, skimmia, heather, box, holly and the like.

Those towns whose high streets are filled with Plantscape’s dazzling solar powered Christmas trees can also benefit from an easy swap over. The trees will be removed in late January or early February and replaced with the winter display.

As well as containing autumn and winter favourites such as pansy, primrose, polyanthus and bellis, new plants such as cyclamen have been introduced to the floral options – made possible by the later than usual start date. Late spring bulbs such as allium, grape hyacinth and tulips will make an appearance in some variants, along with heather, salix, sedum and hebe, lavender, oregano, parsley and coriander, chosen for their aromatic properties.

These will be available as barrier baskets, metre square or pathway planters, window boxes and even three tier towers.

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor said: “Towns which missed out on summer displays this year may be especially keen to fill their streets with colour and visual interest as people return to the high street. We know flowers help improve people’s mental wellbeing, and some of our town clerks have said how much happier their residents feel when they see our flowers in the town. After the difficult time we’ve had, I imagine they’ll be even keener than usual to help them feel better.”


If you’d like to talk to a member of the Plantscape team ring 0330 5550121 option 5 or email info@plantscapeuk.com.

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