Autumn will be the new summer – it’s time to get ready

This year we’re celebrating the fact that autumn will be the new summer. With the bulk of the hot weather having been spent at home this year, British people are mentally relocating what would have been their summer to the autumn.

Those wanting to avoid the mad rush for holiday cottages in early July and the traditional school holiday period are doubtless looking forward to some sort of calmness and normality once the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us!

The autumn is an excellent time for towns to make up for lost time and lost revenue by encouraging residents and visitors (but not too many) back onto the high street.

Many will already have returned to town centre offices and of course those working in shops and the hospitality sector will be making the daily trip to their places of work. Which is all the more reason to ensure their surroundings are attractive and give them an emotional boost.

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor explained: “For some people, returning to work may be a worry. They will need to feel happy and safe as they go about their business. Obviously flowers can’t kill Covid – although wouldn’t that be great! – but they can ease the spirit and bring joy to the heart. In fact many of our town clerks say how much happier residents feel when surrounded by our amazing floral displays,”

While many towns and cities across the UK have filled their streets with summer displays, which will be cheering up the community as we speak, others have been waiting to find out what changes are ahead as lockdown eases.

So Plantscape has expanded its autumn and winter planter ranges this year to help towns encourage visitors

This autumn and winter offers a choice of early autumn and late winter displays, with appropriate plants and new aromatic herb and evergreen options.

Towns can choose installation immediately after the end of the summer season or in the New Year – or both – and three distinct types of display for each of those alternatives.

As well as planters filled with bulbs, polyanthus and pansies, customers can opt to have herbs or evergreens for added texture and scent.

The autumn floral displays will contain pansies, ivy and a central shrub such as euonymus. The herbal: variant will use plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage and japonica, while the evergreen planters will be filled with ivy, skimmia, heather, box, holly and the like.

The winter displays will be installed in late January or early February. For those towns with Plantscape’s solar trees, these will be removed at the same time.

Pansy, primrose, polyanthus, bellis and new addition cyclamen will be among the flowers available. Late spring bulbs such as allium, grape hyacinth and tulips will make an appearance in some variants, along with heather, salix, sedum and hebe, lavender, oregano, parsley and coriander, chosen for their aromatic properties.

These will be available as barrier baskets, metre square or pathway planters, window boxes and even three tier towers.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Plantscape team ring 0330 5550121 option 5 or email

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