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Birmingham BID and global firm find traffic calming use for Plantscape pots

Town centres and businesses are discovering an unusual use for flowering planters. As well as brightening up the environment, they’re also providing an attractive and cost-effective way of controlling traffic!

The latest organisation to discover the unexpected benefits of the massive pots planted, supplied and maintained by civic floral display expert Plantscape, is a global information company with an HQ in Surrey.

IHS Markit in Coulsdon was looking for a way of adding some spring joy to their premises while also preventing unauthorised drivers from using their car park.

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor, who provided the firm with pots containing primroses, viola and japonica, explained: “They came to us wanting some heavy planters that would not only look good but act as a deterrent to stop people abusing their car park.

“Customers who want to manage traffic tend to use our large floor standing planters such or our one metre square planters. When full of water and compost they weigh around 800 kilos. The plastic walls have a bit of flexibility so can absorb a car knocking into them without damaging the planter or car. They have forklift spaces at the bottom which allow easy movement by a pallet truck.

“They are delighted, not only with how they look, but also about how effective they’ve been in achieving their aims!”

IHS Markit, which has 50,000 customers in more than 140 countries, is following the lead of Soho Road BID group in Birmingham, which has also used Plantscape’s enormous planters to manage traffic flow.

Alan explained: “They contacted us a couple of years ago with the idea of using our planters to help control traffic and parking. In fact, the police and the council both think it’s a brilliant idea as it’s been so effective. It has saved money by not investing in more traditional and expensive methods of traffic management.


“And as a bonus, not only did it make a massive difference with the traffic, they even won an In Bloom award!”

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