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Councils focus on residents’ mental health by filling towns with flowers

Towns across the UK are planning to make their residents happy this summer by filling them with flowers.

With the beneficial impact of nature and flora on mental health well-documented by a wide number of organisations, councils are doing all they can to ensure they play their part in lifting the nation’s spirits.

And making people happy is probably more important this year than at any previous time in the history of Plantscape.

Indeed, not only have many councils returned to book their displays for this summer, we’ve even seen new customers jump on board as they recognise how vital it is that when their residents emerge from lockdown into the wider world there is something to cheer them up!

Kimberley in Nottinghamshire is one such town. It has ordered nearly three dozen hanging baskets which will grace its high street, ready to inject an air of positivity into the hearts of its townsfolk.

Morton Parish Council in Derbyshire loved the solar powered Christmas trees Plantscape provided this Christmas – and has decided to extend its happiness-inducing magic into the summer with 34 lamp post mounted displays.

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor explained: “I’m talking to plenty of town clerks who are absolutely passionate about the positive impact flowers have on their residents. They are determined to fill their towns and village with colour to show their residents that they are important, they matter.

“They know too that if they don’t plan ahead, then in June and July when maybe the lockdown will have eased, people will come out onto the streets and wonder where all the colour is. When people start wandering around the town, they don’t want to see drab grey concrete – they want bright colours. These towns are looking after the wellbeing and mental health of the people who live there.”

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Plantscape team ring 0330 5550121 option 5 or email info@plantscapeuk.com.

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