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Gloucester residents thrilled with city’s ‘stunning’ Plantscape displays

Gloucester residents have been heaping praise on its beautiful floral offerings after the city’s BID chose, for the first time ever, to employ a professional company to handle its displays.

And joyful souls have been posting their appreciation on Facebook.

Comments include: “You are doing a good job. Gloucester is thriving compared to other towns its size and all the events we have attended have been great,” “The flower displays are stunning! Well done! “Gloucester is looking and smelling beautiful,” and “Best I’ve seen in years.”

The BID placed its order with Plantscape super early to make sure it was at the head of the queue this summer. Its enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that it had wanted to fill the city with flowers in 2018. But it missed the boat because by the time it wanted to place a booking, Plantscape’s 100,000 square foot of greenhouse space was already dedicated to other summer orders.

The BID ordered 30 flower towers, 73 hanging baskets and 24 lamp post planters, which have been installed at the docks and The Cross, where the four main shopping streets converge. Plantscape is also watering them throughout the summer – just once a week, even in the heat – thanks to its innovative seven-day watering system.

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor explained: “The BID team not only wanted a supplier of beautiful floral planters, but also needed a company which would work in partnership with its members. They wanted us to help them choose the most suitable containers to maximise the effect of the display, because this was the first time they had installed such a large number of planters. They were keen to get in right at the front of the queue for this year because they were too late when they decided to order for last summer. After all, our planters are extremely popular!”

Hannah Cassar from Gloucester BID said on Facebook: “Our goal is to support our local businesses. As part of our physical and environmental services, we installed planters by Plantscape throughout the city, adding some more colour to our streets!”


For more information call us on 0330 555 0121 or email info@plantscapeuk.com

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