New sustainable herb planter as part of our plant range

Plantscape’s range of plants is expanding for the 2020 winter season, which will include the new sustainable herb planter as part of the collection.

The herb planter, which has already seen orders flying in, has proved very popular with residential community gardening schemes as well as with council funded displays. The new range not only looks unique but also brings a different dimension to the floral offerings in town centres.

As well as supplying floral offerings filled with bulbs and favourites such as polyanthus and pansies, customers can opt to have herbs or evergreens mixed with floral plants to add splashes of colour for added texture and scent.

The new range will be ready for install in early October. Those towns which have summer displays will benefit from a seamless transition, as the Plantscape team can remove the summer blooms and replace them with dazzling new displays at the same time.

These floral displays will contain (depending on the option chosen) a selection of pansies, rosemary, thyme, sage, japonica, euonymus, ivy, skimmia, heather, box and holly.

These displays will be available as barrier basketsmetre square or pathway planterswindow boxes and even three tier towers. All of which come with the eco-friendly Plantscape 7 day watering systems which help save water, time and money!

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor said: “Towns which have missed out on summer displays this year may be especially keen to fill their streets with colour and visual displays as people return to the high street. We know flowers help improve people’s mental well being, and some of our town clerks have said how much happier their residents feel when they see our flowers in the town! After the difficult time we have had, I imagine they’ll be even keener than usual to help them feel better and add some fresh displays to the local areas.”


If you’d like to talk to a member of the Plantscape team about your floral display needs, ring 0330 5550121 option 5 or email

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