Plantscape celebrates record summer orders

Civic floral display specialist Plantscape is celebrating a record year – with more councils, BID groups and corporate organisations buying its services than ever before.

The planting teams are flat out at the company’s main nursery complex in Derbyshire and its newly opened facility in Yorkshire, which was set up to tackle the increased demand.

Among the new clients choosing Plantscape is Gloucester BID which has never previously employed a professional company to create its floral displays.

The displays are eagerly awaited, not least because the team failed to fill its town with blooms last spring because it contacted Plantscape too late in the season. So it signed off its 2019 order months ago to make sure it was at the head of the queue this time around.

Plantscape sales executive Alan McGregor explained: “The BID team not only wanted a supplier of beautiful floral planters, but also needed a company which would work in partnership with them. They wanted us to help them choose the most suitable containers to maximise the effect of the display, because this was the first time they had installed such a large number of planters.

“After several visits by our sales and operations team we helped Gloucester to plan and design the layout and content of their summer floral planter scheme and we know residents and visitors will be pretty amazed by what they see.”

The city has ordered 30 flower towers, 63 hanging baskets and 26 lamp post planters which will be installed at the docks and The Cross, where the four main shopping streets converge. Plantscape will also water them throughout the summer – with that task required only once a week thanks to its innovative seven-day watering system.

Oban BID, which has seen Plantscape’s solar powered Christmas trees boost festive custom over the past couple of years, has appointed the company to plant an impressive 280 baskets for display around the town this summer.

In Pontefract, Upton and North Elmsall Parish Council has ordered 120 lamp post planters.

And in Nantwich, Grade II listed Victorian four star hotel, Alvaston Hall has chosen Plantscape to festoon its grounds with flowers.

Thousands of planters and baskets will be installed at hundreds of locations across England, Scotland and Wales from late May onwards.


Plantscape’s maintenance teams will then water the planters just once a week thanks to a built-in deep reservoir seven-day hydration system which kept the plants healthy and happy – even during last summer’s heatwave.

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