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Plantscape embraces Institute of Place Management’s town centre recovery plan

A recovery plan devised by the Institute of Place Management offering a four-step roadmap to help town centres and BIDs reshape themselves for life in a post-coronavirus era has been welcomed by civic floral display experts Plantscape.

The Post-Covid-19 Framework for Recovery looks at actions to take now, ideas on how to harness the entrepreneurship and community spirit developed during lockdown, ways to attract footfall and investment back into the town centre and transformative ways to develop in the future.

Plantscape sales executive Christine Redfern explained: “The framework suggests town centre managers and BIDs may like to use this lockdown period as an opportunity to look forward and create a reshaped offering for our new look world rather than aiming to return to the old ways.

“As well as building on the new partnerships that have come out of this period it also suggests that non-retail elements such art, culture, music and heritage are likely to play an important role in recovery.

“The town centres which have lain so quiet will become even more of draw. And as part of creating that sense of place, flowers will of course play a big part – which they can do regardless of the season.

“One aspect which has helped many people during the lockdown has been the chance to experience nature. Obviously driving to beauty spots is a complete no-no. But it’s given us a chance to notice everyday activities in nature – a bird outside the sitting room window, bulbs sprouting unexpectedly in the garden and the silence of an aeroplane free sky! It’s also meant that those of us fortunate enough to have gardens have been able to spend time there, maybe tending plants we would otherwise not have had the time for.

“When people do return to the town centres their hearts will want to be lifted by the colours and textures around them. Even in a non-coronavirus world our clients tell us that our displays actually make their residents and visitors happier. So imagine what an impact those blooms will have on a population which has been indoors for weeks on end. Maybe they will be a symbol of its rebirth or like the rainbow after the flood – or maybe I’m just being a bit poetic.”

Plantscape offers planters for all seasons – with its summer, autumn, winter and spring displays bringing joy and colour to town and cities all year round.

Chester’s famous medieval rows are among the locations to have used Plantscape’s displays to add extra appeal to residents and visitors

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Plantscape team ring 0330 5550121 option 5 or email info@plantscapeuk.com.

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