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Plantscape helps Sunday Times listed town win In Bloom Gold

The market town of Beverley, named last year by the Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in Northern England, has won a Gold Yorkshire in Bloom award in its first year of enjoying Plantscape’s dazzling array of hanging baskets!

It also won the title Best Yorkshire Town.

Town clerk Helen Watson describes the displays as ‘stunning.’

In fact, she is so impressed she is already poised over the summer 2020 order form and is keen to trial Plantscape’s new range of bee-friendly planters.

Until this summer, Beverley floral fans created and watered their own displays using Plantscape’s empty hanging baskets – but, having found out about its unique seven-day-watering planters, Helen decided to give the full service offering a whirl.

“I had done a bit of research and looked around at some of the planters that Plantscape did last year, and they looked lovely. And the once-a-week watering system is more sustainable, both environmentally and workwise,” she explained.

The council offered shops, pubs, cafes and businesses a chance to pay for the 80 baskets at a subsidised rate to help boost the town’s chances in the Beverley and Yorkshire in Bloom competitions.

“The Plantscape planters have been a riot of beautiful colours, and grown so well. They really do look fabulous. It’s evident that they are well cared for and maintained. The plants have grown over the baskets covering all the plastic and they look stunning,” she added.


“Many residents and visitors have commented on how lovely the flowers all look around the town as they shop or enjoy a meal or a drink and our councillors are very pleased with the response. The baskets with their bright colours and trailing plants certainly make me happier.”

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