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Plantscape launches its new brochure for 2020 – ideal armchair reading

Plantscape’s new brochure has arrived just in time for those of us spending more time at home – as customers will now have plenty of opportunity to peruse its colourful pages!

It’s available to download here and is full of inspiration for all seasons.

As well as being packed with ideas for floral displays and information on how In Bloom competitors have seen success using Plantscape’s creations, it also gives details of DIY planters available for those who’d prefer to use their own green-fingered skills rather than ours.

The brochure explains the benefits of Plantscape’s unique seven-day watering system – designed in close consultation with engineers over the past decade! The system even proved successful during the 2018 heatwave, with flowers remaining lush and refreshed even after seven days in the unrelenting sun!

And it outlines the wide variety of planter styles available – from the traditional hanging basket to a more unusual array of lamp post alternatives, and huge towering options which allow plants to cascade towards the pavement.

The black planters are made from recycled plastic and are, in turn, recyclable.

With its massive greenhouse space, the Plantscape nursery has the capacity to create a stunning 20,000 planters a year – for distribution to councils, towns, cities, BID groups, In Bloom organisations and commercial operations every year.

The brochure also reminds customers of its increasingly popular solar powered Christmas trees which offer a cost effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional decorations.

And it also outlines the benefits of its cleverly named Vegee-tables, designed to help school children get in touch with the real world of nature while learning where food comes from and enhancing their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Download your brochure here. And if you’d like to talk to a member of the Plantscape team ring 0330 5550121 option 5 or email info@plantscapeuk.com.

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