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Plantscape’s seven-day planters are also available for DIY floral fans

Plantscape’s eco-friendly seven-day-watering planters are proving increasingly popular with towns and BID groups across the UK – and with another heatwave predicted, are going to be lifesavers for the blooms they contain.

While the majority of customers opt for an all-in-one serviced package – which includes the Plantscape team planting up, supplying, installing and watering the displays and then clearing them away at the end of the season – some are opting to buy the empty pots and create their own magic.

Areas with enthusiastic In Bloom groups are among those who like this option. It enables them to use their own creative skills when it comes to designing and planting and saves money for those with dedicated members happy to take responsibility for watering and tidying up.

It also means they can use the planters forever and plant up new displays all year round.
The planters all come with a unique seven-day-watering system which means, surprise surprise, that they need only be watered once a week.

The most poplar types are enormous flower towers which offer the potential to create dramatic cascading displays, hanging baskets, window boxes and barrier baskets for use on railings.

They have the added, perhaps surprising, bonus of being eco-friendly. Black pots, which make up 80% of or sales and rentals are made from recycled plastic which, in turn, is recyclable. They also save on manpower and transport costs (by requiring fewer visits over the course of the season).

Malton – dubbed ‘Yorkshire’s food capital’ by chef Antonio Carluccio – is one customer which has opted for a combination of buying some of Plantscape’s planters while also booking a serviced offering.

The former Yorkshire in Bloom gold and silver gilt winner has used Plantscape’s services all year round for the past seven years.

Every summer the town council invests in around 135 hanging baskets, 26 barrier baskets, 25 window boxes and four three tier planters. In the winter it opts for 16 window boxes and six barrier baskets filled with herbs, bulbs, pansies, polyanthus, ivy, japonica and euonymus.

And after a successful trial using some of the heftier planters to calm traffic and improve parking in the Market Place it plans to buy and plant up its own Plantscape pots which it will use all year round.


To order, call 0330 555 0121 and press option 4 or email info@plantscapeuk.com.

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