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Towns and villages are gearing up for an eco-friendly Plantscape Christmas

Towns and villages across the UK are looking forward to a green Christmas – thanks to Plantscape’s popular solar powered festive trees.

Councils are queuing up for the hassle free, cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional displays which work out at a fraction of the price of their traditional counterparts – with no wiring, no complex infrastructure and no electrical certification required.

The trees fit onto existing hanging basket brackets, with the installation and removal taken care of effortlessly by the Plantscape team.

Each tree, complete with 80 twinkling LED lights, is self-sufficient and comes with its own battery pack complete with timer.

Happy customers have come from as far afield as Oban and Dunlop in Scotland, Hythe on the South Coast, Clacton in the East and Cornelly in Wales, with more than 2,000 on display in 2018 countrywide.

For some, the choice was between facing a dark Christmas or plumping for the solar option, as the Clacton Town Partnership’s Lisa Andrews explained.

“The use of solar lighting in Clacton-on-Sea resolved a big problem as the local council had been unable to fund replacement electrical fittings on our lampposts and without this solar solution, Clacton may well have been without Christmas lights at all.”

In Oban, which has enjoyed the solar powered trees for several Christmases in a row, the display plays a vital role in helping the local economy, as Andrew Spence, chief executive of BID4Oban, explained.

“Initially I was extremely sceptical about the prospect of solar-powered Christmas trees because we get so little daylight, but they give us a display for five hours and have been extremely successful over the past few years.

“They help us to light up streets where we haven’t got the infrastructure for traditional decorations and where we couldn’t afford lights.

“The switch-on is one of the single biggest days in the retail calendar and it allows us to keep people in the town for longer, so having a good display is hugely important and the solar powered trees are a vital part of that.”

In Derbyshire, Hatton Parish Council clerk Jacqui Storer said: “The village has never had Christmas lights before and the feedback and support was exceptional. The trees
looked good during the day and they all remained lit and without fault during the festive season.

“The Parish Council was impressed as the whole installation, operations and removal of the lights went without incident. The process was simple, speedy and without fuss, making it stress free.”


If you’re dreaming of a green Christmas visit Plantscape, ring 0330 5550121 option 4, or email info@plantscapeuk.com.

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